The OREND-TME Group Members

orend tme group
Current members

Current members Traditionally The OREND-TME Group is an English-speaking laboratory with an international spirit as current and past members derive from across the world such as from Mauritius, Madagaskar, Benin, China, Mexico, Turkey, Greece, Libanon, Germany, Italy and of course France. Several PhD students joined the laboratory with grants from the French ministry of research (MRT), ARC, Ligue contre le Cancer, Fondation de Treilles, Conacyt (Mexico) and the Chinese Scholarship Council (China).


Nathalie Salome, CR1 INSERM
Thomas Loustau, postdoc (INCA-Ligue)
Thibaud Tranchant, postdoc (Aviesan)
Amanpreet Kaur (postdoc INCa)
Li Chengbei (Chinese Scholarship Council)
Fanny Steinbach, TN INSERM


The lab has hosted 14 postdocs, 12 PhD students, 9 Master M2 students, 5 Master M1 students and 7 technical personnel. Many thanks to all who have made the laboratory an inspiring place and contributed to the scientific progress.

Pia Abel zur Wiesch
Constance Ahowesso
Christiane Arnold
Dafni Birmpili
Anna Brown
Antje Dittmann
William Erne
Anne-Catherine Feutz
Erika Fluri
Isabelle Gasser
Isabelle Gillot
Olivier Hauswirth
Wentao Huang
Thomas Hussenet
Yundan Jia
Camille Jost
Martial Kammerer
Jessica Kant
Irem Karasu
Annick Klein
Stephanie Kraemer
Katrin Lange
Benoit Langlois

Olivier Lefebvre
Marija Marko
Michel Mertz
Marie-Andrée Pierdant-Gallardo
Vony Randrianarisoa
Gilles Riegel
Christian Ruiz
Tristan Rupp
Falk Saupe
Anja Schwenzer
Lucas Seninge
Michel Siegel
Patricia Simon-Assmann
Caroline Spenlé
Pierre-Emeric Strubel
Zhen Sun
Michael van der Heyden
Rolando Vegliante
Ines Velazquez-Quesada
Alev Yilmaz
Suchithra Poilil Surendran, 
Jonathan Schiellein, 
Rachid Nabi