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LEADER. Gertraud Orend had studied Genetics, Biochmemistry, Pharmacology and Organic Chemistry and is currently leading the OREND-Tumor MicroEnvironment Group in an INSERM unit in Strasbourg. 

Group Members

CURRENT MEMBERS. Traditionally The TME Group is an English-speaking laboratory with an international spirit as current and past members derive from across the world.


RESEARCH PROJECT. Tissue homeostasis is highly regulated and when uncontrolled can cause severe life threatening diseases such as chronic inflammation, myocarditis, kidney failure and cancer.


Selected articles

Benn MC, Pot SA, Moeller J, Yamashita T, Fonta CM, Orend G, Kollmannsberger P, Vogel V. 2023. How the mechanobiology orchestrates the iterative and reciprocal ECM-cell crosstalk that drives microtissue growth, Science Advances 9, eadd9275 (2023)

Fonta CM, Loustau TLi CPoilil Surendran S, Hansen U, Murdamoothoo D, Benn MC, Velazquez-Quesada I, Carapito R, Orend G*, Vogel V*. Infiltrating CD8+ T cells and M2 macrophages are retained in tumor matrix tracks enriched in low tension fibronectin fibers. Matrix Biol, 116, 1-27doi: 10.1016/j.matbio.2023.01.002. PMID: 36669744

De Cauwer A, Loustau T, Erne W, Pichot A, Molitor A, Stemmelen T, Carapito R, Orend G, Bahram S, Georgel P. Dicer1 deficient mice exhibit premature ageing and metabolic perturbations in adipocytes. 2022. iScience doi.org/10.1016/j.isci.2022.105149

Yilmaz A*, Loustau T*, Salomé N, Poilil Surendran S, Li C, Tucker RP, Izzi V, Lamba R, Koch M, Orend G*, Advances on the roles of tenascin-C in cancer, 2022. J Cell Sci, 135(18): jcs260244. DOI: 10.1242/jcs.260244

Abou-Faycal C, Oszwald A, Feilen T, Contreras MJC, Schilling O, Loustau T, Steinbach F, Schachner H, Langer B, Heeringa P, Rees AJ, Orend G, Kain R. 2022. An adapted passive model of anti-MPO dependent crescentic glomerulonephritis reveals matrix dysregulation and is amenable to modulation by CXCR4 inhibition. Matrix Biol. doi: 10.1016/j.matbio.2022.01.001. PMID: 35032611

Imanaka Yoshida K*, Midwood K*, Orend G*, 2022, Editorial on special issue on Tenascins: Key Players in Tissue Homeostasis and Defense”, Front Immunol, 12, 834353. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2021.834353. 22 articles with over 61`000 views (18.5.2022).

Loustau T*, Abou-Faycal C*, Erne W*, Abel zur Wiesch P*, Ksouri A, Imhof T, Mörgelin M, Li C, Mathieu M, Salomé N, Crémel G, Dhaouadi S, Bouhaouala-Zahar B, Koch M, Orend G, Modulating tenascin-C functions by targeting the MAtrix REgulating MOtif, “MAREMO”. 2022. Matrix Biol, 108, 20-38. doi: 10.1016/j.matbio.2022.02.007. PMID: 35227929.

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Spenlé C, Loustau T, Burckel H, Riegel G, Abou-Faycal C, Chengbei L, Yilmaz A, Petti L, Steinbach F, Ahowesso C, Jost C, Paul N, Carapito R, Noël G, Anjuère F, Salomé N, Orend G, 2021. Impact of tenascin-C on radiotherapy in a novel syngeneic oral squamous cell carcinoma model with spontaneous dissemination to the lymph nodes, Front Immunology, Special issue on “Tenascins: Key Players in Tissue Homeostasis and Defense”, guest editors, K. Midwood, G. Orend, K. Imanaka-Yoshida, published 5. 7. 2021, doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2021.636108.

Meijer M, de Vos AF, Sengers HP, Scicluna B, Roelofs J, Abou Fayçal C, Uhel F, Orend G, van der Poll T, 2021. Tenascin-C has a modest protective effect on acute lung pathology during methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus-induced pneumonia in mice, Microbiology spectrum, 9(1): e0020721. doi: 10.1128/Spectrum.00207-21. PMID: 34319124

Murdamoothoo D, Sun Z, Yilmaz A, Deligne C, Velazquez-Quesada I, Erne W, Nascimento M, Mörgelin M, Cremel G, Paul N, Carapito R, Abou-Faycal C, Midwood K, Loustau T, Orend G, 2021. Immobilization of infiltrating cytotoxic T lymphocytes by tenascin-C and CXCL12 enhances lung metastasis, EMBO Mol Med, 13(6): e13270. Recommended by Faculty Opinions, 2% best papers in Cell biology (https://facultyopinions.com).

Dhaouadi S, Benabderrazek R, Loustau T, Abou-Faycal C, Ksouri A, Erne W, Murdamoothoo D, Mörgelin M, Kungl A, Jung A, Ledrappier S, Benlasfar Z, Bichet S, Chiquet-Ehrismann R†, Hendaoui I, Orend G, Bouhaouala-Zahar B, 2021. Novel human tenascin-C function-blocking camel single domain nanobodies, Front Immunology, Special issue on “Tenascins: Key Players in Tissue Homeostasis and Defense”, guest editors, K. Midwood, G. Orend, K. Imanaka-Yoshida, 12:635166.

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